Frequently Asked Questions

  • SHIPPING:  We fulfill orders on Mondays.  We use USPS to ship.  We don't charge any handling fee.  You will receive a tracking code when we ship out your order. 
  • LOCAL PICK-UP:  For those that live in the Santa Cruz Area we offer local pick-up in Felton and Santa Cruz. We'll reach out to you to make arrangements. 
  • GARDENING QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about your purchases, we're happy to give you support.  The best way to reach us is through email at:  
  • I WANT AN ITEM BUT IT'S OUT OF STOCK:  The nature of nature is that we have to cultivate patience.  We can't rush items, even if we wanted to. We've created a notification system so you can enter your email and we'll reach out when your favorite items are back in stock.  Thanks for your patience!
  • REFUNDS/RETURNS:  Because seeds, roots, and cuttings are sensitive to moisture and storage conditions, we don't accept returns.  That being said, we totally guarantee that you receive your package in good condition.  If you have any problems, reach out to us and we'll do our best to make it right.
  • WHAT ARE PERENNIALS?  WHY SHOULD I GROW THEM?  Perennials are plants that live for at least two years.  Many of ours live much, much longer. One of the biggest benefits of perennials is that you can plant once and harvest for a very long time with much less work.  Perennial plants also tend to have deeper root systems so they are more drought tolerant and can pull up more vitamins and minerals, making them more nutritious.  Perennials have evolved to be able to survive from season to season, so they have better pest resistance and overall are stronger, sturdier plants. The game we're playing is that we're trying to find a perennial alternative to every common annual garden veggie.  Once you start growing perennials, you'll never want to go back!
  • IS YOUR NURSERY ORGANIC?  We have not yet gone through organic certification for our small, backyard nursery and honestly, we're not planning on it.  We are way beyond organic.  You can have confidence that we absolutely don't use any toxic fertilizers or pesticides on our farm, but we don't stop there.  We practice regenerative agriculture, working in harmony with the land, people, and animals to create sustainable production that benefits all involved.  We're fortunate to be growing on pristine land that has never had a drop of chemicals sprayed on it.  We use fresh, pure water from our spring and well onsite.  We encourage birds, bats, and beneficial insects to keep our pests down.  For fertility, we use organic compost, comfrey, fish emulsion, kelp, and green cover crops.  We use a gopher moat around our entire food forest to keep the gophers out of the space.  We grow a large percentage of our family's food and medicine in our food forest and we are growing for optimal taste, prime nutrition, and medicinal potency.  We're happy to share our surplus with you to nourish your family.
  • WHAT'S YOUR GROWING ZONE?  We are growing in USDA Zone 9b.  Our lowest winter temps are about 27 degrees and we can get as hot as 103 in the summer.  We have a Mediterranean climate, with the bulk of our rain coming between November and March and it is quite dry in between.  For each item that we offer, we've listed the USDA growing zones that it does best in.  If you don't know your growing zone, you can find it here.