Plant once ... eat forever.

Gardening doesn't need to be a struggle! If you love harvesting loads of delicious food and medicine out of your garden, but are sick and tired of the endless challenges of annual gardening...

If you are tired of feeling heartbroken from starting your annual veggies from seed or starts, only to watch them wither and die from disease or imperfect garden conditions...or

If you simply want to have a whole lot more food & fun with a whole lot less work...


Welcome to the magical world of perennial edible plants.

Hi, I'm Dr. Christy!

Hi, I'm Avry!

Why Perennial Plants?

Unlike typical annual garden veggies, perennial plants come back year-after-year. They have the intelligence to be able to rest and regenerate themselves. Many of them mine deep for nutrients and minerals and have natural protection against diseases and pests. If we are what we eat, we want to eat SMART, RESILIENT, PERENNIAL FOOD!

We're blessed to be homesteading on a piece of pristine land in the Santa Cruz mountains that never has had a drop of chemicals touch it. We call it Sandhill Springs Farm. Our plants are irrigated with a freshwater spring that bursts out of our mountain and all of our crops are grown organically and with loving intentions. Now our food forest is producing more than enough for our families, and we're happy to be able to share our abundance with you.

Plant once ... eat forever.

Perennial fruits, veggies, and herbs are the easiest and most nutritious way to feed and nourish your family.


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