Irrigation Basics


Hi I’m Avry,

I use They / Them pronouns. I began my agriculture path 10 years ago by packing up from New York City for the sunshine of southern Arizona to learn how to farm vegetables. Growing food taught me unexpected lessons about eating, cooking and strength. The journey continued and brought me to the Pacific Northwest where my passion for growing food expanded into learning about natural medicine and the power of healing plants

Four years ago I was came to California to take part in an Apprenticeship at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. I spent three seasons learning and growing about agriculture alongside an amazing group of people. For my second and third seasons I got to explore teaching small scale irrigation with first year apprentices.

I recently gave a workshop for The Friends of the UCSC Farm and Garden about home scale irrigation with drip tubing systems. It also covers getting to know your soil and how water moves through the soil system.  I'm happy to share it with you.




Here's the outline for the video: 

  • About Me
  • Irrigation & Plants (8:50ish) 
  • Water Wise Irrigation
  • How to Evaluate Soil Moisture By Feel 
  • Understand Variables in Plants Water Needs 
  • Talking about Drip systems (39:40ish)
  • Designing a simple drip system

I want you to learn how to grow the best perennial plants possible. Keep an eye on the blog for more.   

 - Avry Grows